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Receiving the Blessing

of the first Sun Ray of the Solstice

The Winter Solstice celebration, which happens between every June 21st and June 22nd, is one of the most important Andean celebrations. It is the moment when Tayta Inti (Father Sun) is furthest away from Mother Earth and initiates His warm return. This time is also known as the Andean New Year.

In Ollantaytambo, one of the most beautiful Inka cities in Cusco area, people have been gathering for centuries to celebrate this day, with ancient rituals, in a special and sacred place called “The Window”, which is a part of a magical pyramid, the Paqaryitambo pyramid. The ritual is very simple, but profoundly beautiful, and includes a meditation and a prayer while waiting to receive the Sun’s first ray of light. This ray comes from a very particular angle of the Apus (our Sacred Mountains) and happens only in this time of the year.

To participate in this ancient ritual, it is very important to be pure, and therefore prepared to receive the special blessing of this moment. This is why Nuna Ayni offers a space-time of sharing, healing, purification and aligning our body, mind, and spirit through ceremony and ritual handed down to us from and thru the wisdom of our Andean grandfathers and grandmothers.

This way our prayers will rise with beautiful strength, full of love and gratitude, and we can ask Tayta Inti to come back and bless our crops, our work, and our lives with fertility, abundance and joy. It is a moment where a sacred channel opens and all our prayers can reach faster to the sky. It is a time to pray for our dreams and their manifestation.

Urpillay Sonqollay (Thank you from the depth of our hearts)


* The program is subject to change. 


Friday June 13th

This first day we will set you up at the lodge, so you can have a whole day to acclimatize rest and get ready for our week of prayers and ceremonies.

12:00 pm       Transportation from Cusco (airport or hotel) to the Sacred Valley

1:00 pm         Lunch

4:00 pm         Welcoming Circle, introduction to Nuna Ayni, sacred fire circle

7:00 pm         Dinner

* We highly recommend being in Cusco, at least one day before June 14th to acclimatize*

Remembering and Connecting

Saturday June 14th

We will start the day gathering in our place, and then we will go to visit the school project of Alonso and Waldi in the community of Huandar.

8:00 am         Breakfast

10:30 am       Visit to the Wiñaypaq School

1:00 pm         Lunch

5:00 pm         Conscious body movement program with Luz Maria Ampuero

7:00 pm         Dinner

Offering to Pachamama

Sunday June 15th

8: 00 am        Breakfast

10:30 am       Introduction to the Andean cosmovision with Martin del Carpio

1:00 pm         Lunch

5:00 pm         Offering to Pachamama with the Q´ero Nation brothers. The Q’eros are the ancestral record keepers of the Andean traditions, the ones that reveal the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor to the world.

7:00 pm          Dinner

Healing and Praying: Wachuma Ceremony

Monday June 16th

8:00am  Wachuma ceremony with native medicine woman Luz María Ampuero. Wachuma is a sacred medicine plant from the Andes that allows us to heal and open our hearts, and to connect with Pachamama, Mother Earth. Luz María has been working with this plant, and teaching about Peruvian ancestral medicine since 2001, in Peru, Brasil, U.S, Spain, Austria, Mexico, Japan, and Thailand. The ceremony will be held at the sacred Nuna Ayni land, in front of Apu Pachatusan (the Mountain Healer) , one of the most important and sacred mountains in the Valley.

7:00pm   Dinner

Relaxing and Integrating

Tuesday June 17th

8:00am         Breakfast

10:00am       Circle of tobacco and sharing of the experience

1:00pm         Lunch

4:00pm         Individual massage and personal consultation

8:00pm         Dinner

Sound Healing

Wednesday June 18th

7:00am      Breakfast

8:00am      Departure to Moray. Moray is Pachamama’s sacred ground, known as a circular, agriculture temple. It dates to the Inka time, and remarkably, it is still a place that works as a laboratory for native seeds.

11:00am     Sound healing ceremony with Luz María and Martin at Moray. Both of them are Peruvian, and have been working with sound healing for years and all over the world, using shamanic chants and pre Inca’s ancestral instruments.

2:00pm         Lunch

7:00pm         Dinner

Purification and Healing Ceremony

Thursday June 19th

7:00am         Light Breakfast

6:00pm         Ayahuasca Ceremony with Luz María

Preparing the Intentions and Prayers

Friday June 20th

11:00am       Circle of tobacco and sharing of the experience

12:00pm       Brunch

2:00pm         Personal Consultation

6:00pm         Dinner

7:30pm         Meditation and prayers

Receiving the blessing of the Sun Ray at Paqaryitambo

Saturday June 21st

4:30am          Departure to Ollantaytambo

5:30am          Sacred Fire and meditation with Chi-Kung and Tai-Chi prior to receiving the Ray. Music, dance and chanting.

8:00am          Lunch Box break

9:00am          Walk to the sacred Pyramid of Paqaryitambo

1:00pm          Lunch

3:00pm          Integration work

6:00 pm         Dinner

Goodbye Ceremony

Sunday June 22nd

4:30 am         Receiving the sun at Intihuatana temple in Pisaq with Chi-Kung and Tai-Chi practice with Martin.

8:00 am         Breakfast

Free time for visiting Pisaq Artesan Market (optional)

1:00 pm         Lunch

5:00 pm        Goodbye Fire Ceremony

7:00 pm        Dinner

 Monday June 23

 10:00 am       Travel from Pisaq to Cusco

Important information:

Five days before, and five days after the medicine plant ceremony, a special diet is needed that includes no meat, no alcohol, no sex, no drugs, not too much sugar, fat or too much salt, and not too many condiments. If you are on a special medical treatment, or taking any medications please contact us at


During all this week you will receive a food made specifically for the ceremonies and rituals that is based on vegetarian organic Andean diet.


During the retreat, you will live a community experience, in a beautiful, natural environment. Nuna Ayni offers El Molle Eco Lodge & Healing Center, in Pisaq, Sacred Valley. It includes shared and individual rooms, and shared bathrooms. There is also a shared kitchen, and lots of green areas to enjoy.


The cost of the program is $ 1650 per person. If you put your deposit before June 1st there is a discount of $150.The price includes all the meals, accommodation, transportation, tourist site seeing, individual therapies, talks, activities, ceremonies and all the materials of the program from June 13th to June 23rd.  It doesn’t include plane tickets.

Capacity and Confirmation date

The program has been designed for a maximum of 12 people. If you are interested in participating and joining us in this unique experience, we are asking for the deposit of $400 (non refundable), at least one week before the starting date. The remaining balance can be paid in cash at the arrival, or depositing in our account. Please make sure, if you are bringing cash that your dollar bills don’t have any rips and also make sure you don’t bring US$100 bills from the series CB B2. For the account information and deposit please contact


  • Layered clothing for sunny days and cold evenings.
  • Hiking boots or shoes, sandals for sunny days.
  • Sunblock, sun glasses and hats.
  • If you want to visit other sites from Cusco before or after our program or need any information or arrangement for hotels in Cusco City, Nuna Ayni can provide you that service for an extra payment of $50. Please contact
  • For any questions or more information contact us at


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